Unwrap a Custom Printed Gift Card with a Plastic Printer

Plastic Printer For Printing Gift Cards

Printing Gift Cards with Plastic Printer

We all know that gift cards are an excellent way to show your appreciation and affection to loved ones. But did you know that you can also print out gift cards on your own with a plastic printer? Through this article, we will provide an insights on plastic printer for printing gift cards, its accessories and what to look for.


Gift cards are a popular choice for a gesture of appreciation, but buying them can cost a fortune and you may not always get the most suitable card for your recipient. The alternative is to make your own gift card at home with a plastic printer. With a plastic printer, you can design and print your own cards from your home computer. You can even customize them with photographs, quotes, and any other design elements you want. Plastic printers for gift cards come in a range of sizes and styles and are suitable for cards of all sizes.

Plastic Card Printers

When selecting a plastic printer for printing gift cards, there are a few key features to consider.

Print Speed Quality

Choose a printer with an average print speed two to four seconds per card and a resolution of at least 300 dpi for crisp, clean printouts. This will ensure a high quality finish for your gift cards.


Gift cards are used again and again and must be durable to withstand frequent handling. Choose a printer with a lamination system that offers added protection against scratches and fading.


Be sure to select a printer that is compatible with the card format you are using. If you are using contactless gift cards, for example, you need to make sure the printer is capable of printing on this type of media.

Card Printer Accessories

When selecting a card printer, it is also important to consider the accessories that come with it. These can include:

  • Tray to be used when printing multiple cards
  • Paper or film stock for printing cards
  • Software to design cards
  • Lamination system for added protection
  • Cleaners for cleaning rollers and print units

These accessories help make the printing process smoother and more efficient, so be sure to select a printer that includes these items.


Printing your own gift cards is a great way to show your appreciation and affection to loved ones. Plastic printers for printing gift cards come in a range of sizes and styles, and selecting the right one requires consideration of features like print speed and quality, durability, and compatibility. With the right accessories, you can maximize the efficiency of the printing process. When choosing a printer, be sure to take all of the above into consideration to ensure you select one that is suitable for the cards you are printing.