Unlock the Possibility of Custom ID Cards: How to Create Personalized Security Solutions

Custom ID Cards

The Benefits of Using Custom ID Cards and Printer Accessories


Whether you are a business, school, or hospital, it's important to have an efficient way to secure your buildings and staff quickly. For this purpose, custom ID cards are perfect. With a variety of features available to choose from, custom ID cards can be a great tool for identification and authorization within your organization.

Plastic Card Printers

Using plastic card printers to produce durable and secure plastic ID cards is a great way to grant access to a variety of areas. Plastic card printers are easy to use and can print on a variety of card thickness or sizes. Furthermore, the card-printing software makes it easy to customize the card with logos, photos, and signatures.


  • Prints on a variety of thicknesses and sizes
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Prints with a high level of detail
  • Ability to customize the card with logos, photos, and signatures


  • Secure access to different areas of your business
  • Easy to customize for specific needs
  • Prints quickly
  • Durable cards that last for years

Pros Cons


  • Fast printing of large batches of cards
  • More secure than paper credentials
  • Customizable features for different security levels


  • Cost to purchase and maintain a plastic ID card printer
  • Difficult to produce in-house compared to paper cards
  • Risk of lost/stolen cards

Case Studies

Example 1: Health Care Facility

A large health care facility needed to securely control access to their buildings and medical equipment. With a plastic card printer, they were able to print photo ID cards for staff and visitors that had a color-coded access level and expiry date. This enabled them to control who had access to different parts of their facility and for how long.

Example 2: University

A university needed a way to provide quick and easy access to campus visitors and catering staff. By using a plastic ID card printer, they were able to print cards with clear instructions for end-users and limit access for visitors and contractors. This enabled the university to quickly and securely control access to their buildings.

Card Printer Accessories

To get the most out of plastic ID cards, you need printer accessories such as card holders, lanyards, and badges. Card holders are perfect for keeping the cards safe and secure, while lanyards make it easy to display the cards around your neck. The badge holders keep the cards clean and protected from the elements, while adding a professional look.


  • Card holders
  • Lanyards
  • Badges
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Easy to customize


  • Protect cards from wear and tear
  • Customizable with logos or designs
  • Easy to display the cards
  • Durable materials for long-lasting use
  • Secure cards from unauthorized use

Pros Cons


  • Secure cards with reusable accessories
  • Attractive designs to make cards look professional
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting


  • Must be replaced if worn or damaged
  • Can be difficult to secure the cards
  • May not match the needs of some organizations


  • Q: What can I use custom ID cards for?
  • A: Custom ID cards are perfect for granting access to specific areas within a building or organization, providing identification to staff and visitors, and for tracking usage of certain resources.
  • Q: Are plastic ID cards more secure than paper credentials?
  • A: Yes, plastic ID cards are more durable and secure than paper cards, as they are harder to replicate and counterfeit.
  • Q: Does a plastic ID card printer require any software to work?
  • A: Yes, a plastic ID card printer requires printer software to be able to print the cards efficiently. This software also allows users to customize the cards with logos, photos, and signatures.

Mistakes People Make

  • Not using an adequate card-printing software to customize the cards
  • Buying the wrong thickness or size of card
  • Not considering the cost of maintenance and supplies when choosing a printer
  • Not protecting the cards from the environment, such as moisture and sunlight

Best Practices

  • Choose the right printer for your needs
  • Research card-printing software and find a suitable one for your organization
  • Pay attention to the thickness and size of the cards you will be printing
  • Protect the cards from the environment, such as moisture and sunlight
  • Invest in card holders or lanyards to ensure the cards are secure and look professional

Summary Review

Using plastic ID cards and printer accessories can be a great way to secure your organization and grant access to specific areas. Plastic card printers enable you to produce durable and secure plastic cards quickly, while the card-printing software makes it easy to customize the cards. Furthermore, card holders, lanyards, and badges can be used to protect the cards and provide a professional look. When using plastic ID cards, it is important to research the appropriate printer, software, and supplies for your needs, and to protect the cards from the environment and wear and tear.