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Plastic Card Printers and Accessories

In today's world, ID badges and access cards are essential for many industries. Plastic-based credentials can be printed and used as impenetrable access credentials, employee badges, and credit card-like payment cards. To do this, businesses must invest in reliable and easy-to-use card printers. Fortunately, many printers and printing accessories are available on the market, making creating custom cards a practical and convenient choice.

Plastic Card Printer Basics

Card printers come in a variety of models to serve different purposes and budgets. For printing secure cards, the majority of users look for card printers featuring secure card technology such as smart cards, proximity cards, and magnetic cards. Smart cards are among the most secure and reliable options available, offering a wide range of features that make them suitable for government applications and more. Apple and Google Wallet have made magnetic stripes the norm for credit and debit card printing. Proximity cards offer a specialized type of secure card technology and are typically used in access control applications such as locking doors, computer access, and even healthcare applications.

When choosing a card printer, users should look for ease of use, good printing quality, brand reliability, and price. Good printing quality is essential for making plastic cards that will not fade or become illegible. Brand reliability ensures that the printer will be reliable over the long term and remain compatible with other hardware devices.

Plastic Card Printer Accessories

In addition to base card printers, a full range of printer accessories are available to further enhance their effectiveness. These include ribbons, security cards, overlays, and more. Ribbons are used to print images and text onto cards. They are available in a wide range of colors, which allows users to customize their cards with different colors and designs.

Security cards are especially important for access control systems, and come in many shapes and sizes. These cards are typically encoded with a unique ID number, which ensures that only the specified holder of the card can access the system. Overlays are protective layers that can be printed over a card's surface for better durability, and are often used for printing plastic ID cards.

Summary Review

Card printers enable businesses to print secure plastic-based ID cards and access cards using various technologies such as smart cards, magnetic cards, and proximity cards. Card printer accessories such as ribbons, security cards, and overlays are also available to further enhance their performance. With so many options available, it is important to consider all of these factors when choosing the right printer for your needs.