How to Find the Best Printer For Printing Plastic ID Cards

Printer For Printing Plastic ID Cards

Introduction to Printing Plastic ID Cards with Printer

With more people opting for secure and more durable identification cards, ID card printing with plastic printers is becoming increasingly popular. Identity cards made of plastic are easy to carry and durable. Whether you are an organization issuing cards to employees, a government agency providing cards to citizens, or a business printing cards for customers, the type of printer you choose to print the cards is important. It is a good idea to do research on the types of plastic card printers available, understand their features and functionality, and decide which printer is best for your needs. In this article, we will discuss the different types of plastic card printers and their associated accessories.

Plastic Card Printers

Plastic card printers are divided into three categories direct-to-card printers, re-transfer printers, and disc-based printers. We will discuss each of them in more detail:

Direct-to-Card Printers

Direct-to-card printers are the most common type of plastic card printers used today. They are easy to use, cost-effective, and offer an excellent quality of printing. In a direct-to-card printer, the printhead is in direct contact with the card. These devices use ribbons and inks to print on the card. The most common type of direct-to-card printer is the dye-sublimation printer, which uses heat and pressure, to pigment particles, which are then transferred to the card.

Re-Transfer Printers

Re-transfer printers offer high-quality printing and are best suited for organizations that require their cards to be highly secure. This type of printer uses a separate film that is heat and pressure-sensitive to print on the card. It is printed on the film and then transferred to the card. Re-transfer printers are more expensive than direct-to-card printers, but they offer a superior printing quality.

Disc-Based Printers

Disc-based printers are ideal for highly secure applications, such as government agencies or military applications. They are also used to print medical cards, driver's licenses, and other identification cards. In this type of printer, a disc is heated and then pressure-sensitive to create a durable and high-resolution print on the ID card.

Card Printer Accessories

In addition to the printer itself, there are a number of card printer accessories that are essential for successful card printing. These include card ribbons, lanyards, card holders, card encoders, card readers, and more. Each of these accessories has its own purpose and is necessary to create ID cards of the highest quality.

Card Ribbons

Card ribbons are used in direct-to-card printers to transfer the ink and pigment particles to the card. Different ribbons are used for specific cards and the printer should be compatible with the type of ribbon used. Card ribbons may be monochrome or full-color, depending on the desired printing results.

Lanyards and Card Holders

Lanyards and card holders are used to secure the cards from damage and loss. These accessories are available in a variety of colors and designs. Card holders may feature slot-punch or lanyards and can also be used to secure the cards while carrying them.

Card Encoders

Card encoders are used to encode data to the card, such as biometric data, magnetic strips, or barcodes. This data is essential for issuing secure identification cards. The encoder is used to read and write data, making the card unreproducible and secure.

Card Readers

Card readers are used to read the data stored on the card. This data can be used for verification and authentication purposes. Card readers are available in different formats, such as contactless and RFID readers. These readers are essential for verifying the legitimacy of the card.

Final Notes

When choosing a plastic card printer for your organization, it is important to consider your needs and the features and accessories of the printer. Plastic card printers offer a range of features and associated accessories that can be used to create secure and reliable ID cards. You should also consider the cost of the printer, the card ribbons, the lanyards, the card holders, and the card encoders and card readers. We hope this article has given you a better understanding of the different kinds of plastic card printers and their associated accessories.