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Welcome to the World of Evolis Card PrintersDeciding on the right card printer for your business or personal use can be a challenging task, especially given the range of options in the market. But among the plethora of choices, one brand stands out with its robust features and reliable performance: Evolis. Plastic Card ID , with its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, thoroughly details the Evolis range, offering an expansive array of models and options that cater to diverse printing needs across the nation. Let's dive in and explore why Evolis printers, as presented by Plastic Card ID , are the distinguished choice for your card printing requirements.Understanding the Evolis RangeEvolis printers boast a variety of models designed to suit different printing volumes, design complexities, and functionalities. Whether you're a small business looking for a simple ID card solution or a large corporation in need of a secure badge system, Evolis has a model that can meet your needs. Unpacking the Variety of Evolis Models- Evolis Primacy: The all-rounder known for its speed and efficiency.- Evolis Zenius: Perfect for small-scale printing jobs with an emphasis on quality.- Evolis Quantum: The powerhouse for bulk printing with top-notch security features.- Evolis Avansia: The retransfer printer for high-definition cards, providing crisp images and vibrant colors.- Evolis Badgy: The budget-friendly option for startups and small projects.Flexible Options to Meet Your NeedsEvolis printers also offer a suite of customizable options to enhance their capabilities:- Encoding modules for magnetic stripes, contact or contactless smart cards.- Lamination units for additional card durability and security.- Holographic films to prevent counterfeiting.Why Choose for Your Evolis Printer NeedsPlastic Card ID not only provides these excellent Evolis products but also ensures that you're fully supported from ordering to implementation and beyond. With customer service that is just a call away at 800.835.7919 , you can trust that your card printing requirements are in capable hands.In-Depth Look at the Evolis PrimacyThe Evolis Primacy is a versatile and fast printer, ideal for medium to large printing volumes. With options for both single and dual-sided printing, it's built to deliver top-notch performance and is user-friendly.High-Performance Printing Features- Fast printing speeds for increased productivity.- Superior print quality for professional-looking cards.- Efficiently handles medium to large print volumes.User-Friendly Operation- Easy-to-load ribbon cassette saves time.- Intuitive user interface simplifies the printing process.- Robust software compatibility for seamless integration with your existing systems.Reliability and Maintenance- Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.- Regular firmware updates keep your printer running smoothly.- Easy access to cleaning kits and support from Plastic Card ID for routine maintenance.As part of our expansive offerings, we also have a dedicated customer care team ready to assist you. Give us a ring at 800.835.7919 if you'd like more insight into how the Evolis Primacy can elevate your card printing tasks.Zoning in on the Evolis ZeniusThe Evolis Zenius printer is a perfect fit if you're after simplicity, efficiency, and high-quality output for smaller printing jobs. Its compact design and ease of use make it a favorite among businesses with limited space but no compromise on quality.Compact and Easy for Any User- Small footprint makes it ideal for any workspace.- Simple operations allow any user to print cards with ease.- Quick set-up guarantees you're up and running in no time.Quality Printing on Demand- Outstanding print resolution for sharp text and vivid images.- Edge-to-edge printing for a professional finish.- Broad range of ribbon options to meet different printing needs.Support and Services- Step-by-step guidance available from Plastic Card ID .- Extensive range of accessories and supplies to keep you printing without interruption.- You're never alone when you have our contact number, 800.835.7919 , for any assistance you need with your Evolis Zenius.Bulk Printing Powerhouse: Evolis QuantumFor organizations that require high-volume printing without sacrificing quality, the Evolis Quantum stands tall as the industrial-scale solution. It combines the flexibility of a desktop printer with the power of an industrial machine, a true workhorse.Massive Volume, Flawless Execution- Conquer large-scale projects with ease.- Modular design allows for bespoke configurations.- Enhanced security features protect sensitive data.Efficiency at Its Best- Minimized downtime with high-capacity feeders and hoppers.- Swift throughput to meet tight deadlines.- On-demand printing eliminates the need for pre-printed card stocks.Service and Maintenance Simplified- On-site or remote support ensures constant uptime.- Plastic Card ID provides easy access to parts and expert assistance.- Keeping your Quantum in top condition is our priority-reach out to us at 800.835.7919 for service and support.Sophistication of Evolis AvansiaThe Avansia is the pinnacle of retransfer printing technology offered by Evolis. With its ability to print high-definition cards, the Avansia is sought after for its unmatched print quality and robust security features, suitable for government, finance, and corporate environments.Exceptional Image Quality for Premium Cards- Retransfer technology for vibrant, full-color card printing.- High-resolution printing for intricate designs and secure micro-text.- Over-the-edge printing for a sophisticated finish.Built-in Security Features- Lamination option for tamper-resistant cards.- Support for advanced encoding features to protect cardholder information.- Holographic films for visible and ultraviolet security features.

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