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Plastic Card For Events Printers

Plastic Card Printers for Events

Introduction to Plastic Card Printing for Events

For businesses and events, one way to have a lasting impression is by using a plastic card to identify the events or make an exclusive offer. A plastic card printer allows for these cards to be printed out with ease, convenience, and time-efficiency. When organizing an event, there are many elements and applications that need to come together in order to make it a successful event. Plastic card printing is one application that can be utilized by businesses or events to make it a seamless process of getting the cards that can be used for enhanced features, like offering exclusive access.

Plastic Card Printers

Plastic card printers are designed to be used for different types of events, including any type of business, trade-shows or any other type of event where identification is needed. It is possible to customize the cards in order to have exclusive access to certain areas within the event. The key features of the printers have been designed around convenience, time-efficiency, and quality. Printing cards can take up to 8 seconds per card, and the cards are well-defined, vivid, and crisp, using the brightest colors. They are also designed to be rigid and durable since synthetic PVC cards won't wear easily. There are various models of printers available for different applications.

Subtopic: Features

The main features of plastic card printers for events include: quick-loading for convenient and timely card production; deterministic or densitometric printing, which guarantees the exact color on every card; reverse or double-sided printing to ensure the highest quality, and optimal convenience to ensure the best card presentation. Furthermore, they come with a unique card coding technology, with the capability to code images, barcodes, data, and magnetic strips. This coding technology offers as assurance that even the most complex printing jobs can be completed in a quick and efficient manner.

Subtopic: Benefits

The main benefits of using plastic card printers for events include: enhanced personalization and customization with personal images and designs; enhanced security with added coding and encryption technology; improved accuracy with the built-in card-coding technology; improved cost-efficiency with longer-lasting, durable cards; improved turnaround time with quick card production.

Subtopic: Pros Cons


  • Customization for personal images and designs
  • Enhanced security with added coding and encryption technology
  • Improved accuracy with the built-in card-coding technology
  • Improved cost-efficiency with longer-lasting, durable cards
  • Improved turnaround time with quick card production


  • Initial cost investment for the plastic card printer and accessories
  • Design limitations that could be restricted to certain software
  • Possibility of additional training to become proficient in working with it

Subtopic: Case Studies

Case study A: Event organizers wanted to create a secure entry system for their trade-show in order to ensure that only those members of the public with valid tickets could gain access. They used a plastic card printer to create personalized cards with the unique details of each customer. This allowed customers to quickly and easily gain access to the event without the hassle of additional manual checks.

Case study B: A corporate client wanted to encourage their staff to attend various events and seminars related to their industry. They used a plastic card printer to print personalized cards with the company logo and a unique code. This allowed them to control who had access to certain events and seminars and allowed them to track attendance more effectively.

Case study C: A retail chain wanted to create plastic cards for their loyalty program members. They used a plastic card printer to quickly and easily print the loyalty cards with the customer details included. This allowed for a more efficient way to keep track of customers' purchases and reward them for their loyalty.

Subtopic: FAQ's

Q: How long does it take to print out cards?

A: It usually takes up to 8 seconds per card.

Q: Are the images and designs printed out vivid?

A: Yes, the colors are printed out brightly and vibrantly using the brightest possible colors.

Q: Can the plastic card printers be customized?

A: Yes, there are several features available to customize the cards to make them unique.

Q: Are the cards durable?

A: Yes, the cards are made with synthetic PVC cards that are highly durable and resistant to wear.

Subtopic: Mistakes People Make

There are various mistakes people make when it comes to using plastic card printers for events:

  • Not having the right materials: Not having the proper supplies could result in poor-quality printed cards
  • Not properly coding the cards: Not coding the cards properly could result in cards not being recognized or accepted
  • Not properly calibrating the printer: Not properly calibrating the printer could also result in poor-quality printed cards.

Subtopic: Best Practices

The best practices to follow for plastic card printing for events include:

  • Always use top-quality supplies: Using top-quality supplies is key to ensuring printed cards will look vibrant and be durable.
  • Properly code cards: Make sure to properly code the cards in order for them to be recognized and accepted.
  • Always properly calibrate the printer: Calibrating the printer regularly will help ensure the printed cards have the highest quality.

Card Printer Accessories

The accessories available to plastic card printers for events include ribbons, card holders, card lanyards, card cleaning kits, cards, and more. The ribbons are sold in packs and are available in either dye or pigment-based. This type of ribbon offers as assurance that the card reaching its end-user is not only well-defined, vivid, and crisp, but also that the colors used are the most vibrant available.

Card holders are also available, designed to have enough space to accommodate both the printing process and the customer card-swiping process. Furthermore, card lanyards are available too, allowing customers to easily identify themselves and provide access to any area needed. Lastly, cleaning kits are also available, which ensures that, even after several swipes of the card, the printer remains accurate and efficient.


Using plastic card printers for events enables businesses and organizations to increase their efficiency and effectiveness of having identifying cards printed out, thanks to the convenience efficiency and quality it offers. Furthermore, the features, benefits, pros, and cons of using plastic card printers for events should be taken into account before investing in one, in addition to the accessories available in order to facilitate the printing process. The most common mistakes when using plastic card printers are also discussed, as well as the best practices that should be followed.