Easy Custom Card Printing & Encoding

Plastic Card ID offers a wide range of high-quality plastic card printers, perfect for easy custom printing. These printers feature advanced technology designed to create sharp images, accurate barcode scans, and data encoding onto plastic cards ideal for various applications like ID cards, membership cards, and more. In addition, Plastic Card ID provides all the accessories you need to make your plastic card printing experience efficient and seamless, such as ribbons and other consumables. Let's dive into the world of plastic card printing and discover the fantastic features and benefits offered by Plastic Card ID.

Plastic card printers are specialized devices that can print on both sides of plastic cards, typically made of PVC or PET materials. They work similarly to traditional printers but are specifically designed for printing on plastic, ensuring high-quality results. These printers can reproduce any artwork, data and barcodes onto cards with great precision, and some even have built-in magnetic stripe encoders, allowing data to be stored directly onto the card.

For a wide range of industries and applications, Plastic Card ID plastic card printers offer a simple and easy way to create custom cards. You can use these printers to print:

  • ID cards: for schools, companies, and government institutions
  • Membership cards: for clubs, gyms, libraries, and loyalty programs
  • Access control cards: for secure access to facilities and restricted areas
  • Gift cards: for retail businesses and promotions
  • Event passes: with personalized details, barcodes or QR codes for ticketing and event management

Plastic Card ID plastic card printers use one of these two common printing methods:

  • Dye sublimation: This method uses heat to transfer dye onto the card, creating vivid and high-resolution images. With the capability of reproducing up to 1. Evolis Card Printers.7 million colors, dye sublimation printers are perfect for full-color card printing.
  • Thermal transfer: In this method, a heated printhead applies wax-based ink from a ribbon onto the card surface. While not as vibrant as dye sublimation, thermal transfer printers are more cost-effective and ideal for monochrome printing or cards with a simpler design.

Plastic Card ID offers an excellent selection of plastic card printers to suit every need and budget. Whether you're a small business owner in need of a compact and cost-effective solution or an organization looking for advanced features and high-volume capacity, we have the perfect printer for you.

Our range of entry-level printers provides an affordable option for low to moderate card printing needs. Despite their lower price point, these printers deliver quality output, easy operation, and reliability. Plastic Card ID entry-level plastic card printers are perfect for small businesses and organizations with occasional card printing requirements.

For businesses with regular card printing needs or fast-paced environments, our mid-range printers offer higher printing speeds and more advanced features. These printers are designed for efficiency, featuring larger input and output hoppers, making them suitable for medium-sized organizations requiring a balance between performance and affordability.

Plastic Card ID also offers a selection of high-performance plastic card printers for large-scale production and advanced printing applications. These printers come with a host of cutting-edge features like advanced security options, high-resolution printing, multi-hopper configurations, and encoding capabilities for magnetic stripe, smart card, and RFID data. Ideal for organizations with high-volume card printing requirements and intricate card designs, our high-performance printers showcase our commitment to delivering premium quality at competitive prices.

Plastic Card ID plastic card printers offer numerous benefits to meet the specific needs of your business or organization. At Plastic Card ID, we focus on making sure you have the right tools for the job, so you can produce the best possible cards.

Our printers are engineered for precise and high-quality output. Dye sublimation and thermal transfer technologies ensure your plastic cards have crisp images, clean barcodes, and accurate data encoding, providing professional results every time.

Plastic Card ID plastic card printers can efficiently produce various types of cards with different features, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it's a simple ID card or a highly-secure access control card with magnetic stripe encoding, our printers are equipped to handle it all.

At Plastic Card ID, we believe that plastic card printing should be a hassle-free experience. Our printers are designed with user-friendly interfaces, easy-to-use software, and accessible consumables, allowing even first-time users to produce high-quality cards with ease.

Plastic Card ID offers compatible accessories and ribbons to complement and enhance your plastic card printing experience. We provide a comprehensive range of consumables, ensuring you have everything you need for successful card production.

We have high-quality ribbons that are specifically designed to work with Plastic Card ID plastic card printers, guaranteeing optimal print quality and device compatibility. Our ribbons are available in various colors and configurations, so you can choose the perfect ribbon to suit your printing needs be it full-color, monochrome, or specialized ribbons with metallic or holographic effects.

Maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity and performance of your plastic card printer. Plastic Card ID provides cleaning cards, cleaning swabs and other supplies to help you keep your printer in top condition, resulting in consistently clean and clear card printing.

Plastic Card ID is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality plastic card printers, accessories, and customer support. From our user-friendly entry-level models to the high-performance, advanced feature-packed devices, we provide a comprehensive range of products to suit any organization's requirement. Trust Plastic Card ID to supply you with the perfect plastic card printing solution for your business.