Design Your Own Unique Custom ID Badges for Employees

Custom ID Badges

Custom ID Badges - Everything You Need to Know

Custom ID Badges are a simple and cost-effective way to quickly make and distribute identification cards for a variety of businesses and agencies. Such ID cards can be issued to employees, customers, members, students, visitors, and other personnel. Badges can also be used for access control, as well as for security and other purposes. Before you purchase any Custom ID Badges and associated printer and accessories, you need to understand all of the options you have available.

Introduction to Custom ID Badges

Custom ID Badges are typically made from plastic or PVC cards. These cards are typically printed on card base stock, which is provided by the card supplier. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be customized with logos, text, and photographs. The card base stock is usually a polyester or polycarbonate material. The card base stock is then imprinted with the card design, and the resulting card is then placed into a plastic holder or lanyard.

With the help of a card printer, you can design and print professional-looking ID badges for a variety of purposes. You can include employee's personal names and job titles, photo ID cards, visitor badges, alumni or student IDs, event passes, membership cards, loyalty programs cards, and much more.

Plastic Card Printers

There are two main types of card printers used for producing custom ID badges: direct-to-card (DTC) printers and dye-sublimation printers. The direct-to-card printer is the most commonly used technology. It uses thermal heads to print the ID design directly onto the card stock. This type of printer is usually very inexpensive and can produce low-end ID cards at a low cost.

For higher-end cards, you can use a dye-sublimation printer. This type of printer uses a special ribbon that is soaked in dye. The ribbon is then pressed onto the card and heated. This results in a high-quality, glossy print on the card. Dye-sublimation printers are more expensive than direct-to-card printers, but the results are much better.

Card Printer Accessories

In addition to the printer itself, you'll need to purchase printer accessories for custom ID badge production. These include ribbon cartridges, cleaning cards, ink cartridges, and other supplies. You'll need to choose the appropriate supplies based on the type of card and printer you are using.

You may also need to purchase a card reader or scanner, if you want to be able to store the information from the ID cards. Card readers are a great way to safeguard the data on the cards, as they prevent unauthorized access or unauthorized copying of the information.


Custom ID Badges are a great way to identify and control access to a variety of people. With the right printer and supplies, you can produce ID cards quickly and cost-effectively. It's important to understand all the options available to you before you make a purchase. With the right card printer and accessories, you can produce professional-looking ID badges in no time.